Anonymous asked: Vanilla, chocolate or stawberry?

chocolate fo sho


Anonymous asked: whats life like as a bear?

hairy a lot of the time. Also, I have to spend a lot of time brushing meat out of my teeth.


Anonymous asked: when we gonna do a pauly paul zedmans photo shoot
i need to get some portfolio bits together so i can start selling my services :P

next week? get an MUA involved!


Anonymous asked: Who has been your best lay?

with ease, tom. 


Anonymous asked: Is your boyfriend actually Ed Milliband?

no, I’d probably be a lot richer if he was. 


Anonymous asked: do a new shoot :P

two next week I think. I said I wasn’t going to do any more though… 



“I need you… to be okay.”

A sob and a smooch from Finn in last night’s “Burning Low.”

So cute.


Agyness Deyn - making small boobs work.
I am so awful at using this

But its better than starting a new blog right? 

I decided to go back over past conversations in my facebook, particularly looking at males who’ve shown an interest in me in the past, and I’ve noticed, that they all try the same general technique, and it has NEVER worked on me.

I don’t like compliments, I don’t like being promised that they would treat me like a princess and I don’t like being offered to be bought things. Hence, I don’t think I’ve ever been on a date with one of those guys. 

I’ve noticed that the only boys I’ve ever gone out with and actually been in to, are the ones that I’ve initiated conversation with myself. I’ve never hooked up with someone that’s asked for my number on a night out, or - as frequently happens with all staff members at work - asked for my number from behind the bar.

So why not? 

I’d like to think it’s because I’m not a pretty princess. I’m normal. I’m not fussy in terms of looks but I’m really fussy in terms of men who are up themselves because they think they’re attractive/rich/insert other potentially ‘beneficial’ factor here. 

Men like that, know exactly the right thing to say to women - or so they think. 

Being called gorgeous/sexy/beautiful, when you know for a fact you’re distinctly average, doesn’t get you far. If anything it’s insulting. I’m not saying I’m ugly, cos I’m not, but I’m definitely not one of the afore mentioned words. I think it’s for this  reason that I’m not fussed on others looks. 

It’s an idea I struggle with though. I’d sometimes like to be a beautiful princess type girl, but then I think, wouldn’t I just be susceptible to those type of men? Who knows.


Working in a finance department which is over worked and understaffed. I feel sorry for the permanent staff. Stressful.

Saw this, and it made me think of claire. good times. 
getting back to tumblr & a lost friend

Haven’t used this in a year so thought I’d get back into it. Don’t expect many bits of writing, I’m mainly gonna be posting pictures of animals in clothes.

This week we all very sadly lost Nile.

I am sure he will not be forgotten for the kind person he was, and I’m happy to have had the pleasure of knowing him for all these years. I’m just sorry nobody was there for him to stop him at the end.

Nile rest in peace.


Okay, so it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on here, cos let’s face it, tumblr is heavily embarrassing. 

Anyway, I’m at uni now! I actually managed to get somewhere in life! 

Standard procedure, my room is a tip, and I’m not eating three meals a day, but fuck it, you only live once (or a few more times if you happen to believe in reincarnation). 

I went to an ‘Urban Night’ last night. I looked ridiculous.

I love my shoes